Occupational Health Management

Axiom Medical offers comprehensive occupational health services for employees and population health management. From pre-employment testing to DOT testing, Axiom Medical offers everything to improve your workforce’s health.

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Comprehensive occupational health services for employees and population health management.

Axiom Medical has partnered with Mobile Health, combining Axiom’s leading Injury Case Management, Behavioral Health, Infectious Disease Prevention, and Employee Absence Management solutions with Mobile Health’s employee medical screening, pre-employment, and DOH/OSHA compliance services for a comprehensive suite of market-leading occupational health solutions.

Occupational Health Services Offered

Through our partnership with Mobile Health, Axiom clients have access to next-day, customized, OSHA-compliant, and industry-specific tests and exams performed on-site at your workplace, through one of Mobile Health’s 6,500+ clinics, and can be self-scheduled by employees, all to help keep your workplace and workforce safe.

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Physical Exams
  • DOT Physicals & Drug Testing
  • Vaccine administration and titers testing services
  • Tuberculosis Testing & X-ray Services
  • Physical Abilities Testing
  • Vision & Hearing Screening
  • Respirator Testing
  • COVID-19 Testing

Benefits Of Occupational Health Services

Workplace injuries and illnesses can cost employers more than $60 billion annually, with employee absenteeism and workplace injury costs as the primary cause of the total cost. The major goal of implementing a workplace occupational health program is to reduce workplace injuries and mitigate risk.

The top benefits include:

Reduced Employee Expenses

Prevents workplace injuries, helps employees get better and back to work, eventually reducing the overall expenses related to employee absenteeism and work injury costs.

Workers Compensation

Designed to simplify the workers compensation claims and make the return-to-work process easier.

Workplace Safety

Aid in creating preventative measures at the worksite to minimize work-related injuries and ensure employees are fit to operate heavy equipment or drive vehicles safely.


Designed to keep the workplace safe while minimizing the risk of occupational health issues and injuries.

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