Axiom Medical’s single-source injury case management program is designed to help businesses in the environmental services industry with occupational injury and employee health management.

With over two decades of experience in Occupational Medicine and Population Health Services, Axiom Medical’s team knows your workforce’s unique requirements for occupational safety in the workplace.

We have specially trained and experienced medical professionals who evaluate environmental services industry-specific workplace risks, occupational injuries and recommend appropriate treatment for injuries and illnesses that occur on the job or due to environmental exposure.

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Environmental Services Industry:

Though hardly known to the public, the environmental service industry’s workforce deals with technologies, products, and chemicals every day. This developing and emerging industry represents over 15% of the global market. The sector deals with waste management, pollution control, and goods manufacturing to measure, prevent, limit, and minimize environmental damage and risks. Another major discipline in this service industry is biosafety and hazardous waste management, which may expose employees to harmful bio-chemicals.

Exposure and Risk:

Due to the nature of the business, the workforce in the environmental service industry is always at risk of exposure to pollution, pesticides, organic solvents, dust, and physical hazards. Employees’ occupational health is thus a primary concern. Without workplace safety evaluations and protective measures, employers are unable to reduce injury and illness risks, caused or associated with dangerous conditions, ergonomics, human factors, and disease outbreaks.

Axiom Medical Environmental Services Industry Solutions:

Axiom Medical offers single-source injury case management services for environmental industry businesses who aim to reduce workplace risks. Our program is administered by in-house, medically-licensed professionals, specially trained and certified to effectively assess and manage workplace injury cases, delivering time and cost savings for the employer.

Axiom Medical’s Occupational Health and Case Management Programs are uniquely designed to:

  • Evaluate the employee’s injury/illness with review of protected personal medical history
  • Develop an appropriate treatment based on the injury/illness
  • Monitor recovery progression
  • Facilitate return-to-work processes if/as needed upon recovery

In addition, Axiom Medical provides workplace risk management solutions and illness outbreak prevention, utilizing daily health screening tools, contagious illness assessments, onsite testing, and employee vaccination tracking.

Cumulative reporting of such services equips employers with real-time data to recognize trends and act for protection of your workforce and workplace.


Axiom Medical’s CheckIn2Work App is a first-of-a-kind technology, providing point of entry protection with daily health screenings.

Employee Testing:

A variety of employee testing options are available to help employers maintain the health and wellbeing of their workforce, achieve workplace health goals, mitigate risk, and support employees throughout their health journey.


With Axiom Injury Case Management, there is no waiting at an ER or clinic and 24/7 access to quality care.


Axiom Medical’s CheckIn2Work App is a first-of-a-kind technology, providing point of entry protection with daily health screenings.


Axiom Medical offers occupational health services for workplace and population health management, including pre-employment tests and DOT physicals.

Axiom Medical Can Help!

For over 20 years, Axiom Medical has helped develop and maintain safe and healthy environmental service workplaces nationwide.

Whether needing support with pre-employment, injury/illness case management, industry-specific occupational health programs, or infection control, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to mitigate risk and protect your workplace.


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They Said It!

I believe with confidence that we are reaching all of our expected goals by bringing Axiom on as an outsourced case management solution.

Axiom has helped us closely monitor the injured employee’s progress through the medical treatment process. Early treatment has kept our employees at work when in the past they would have likely taken time off or been placed off by a physician.

I recommend Axiom because their Nurse Case Management Team is their biggest asset. They are accessible, give great reports and are responsive to our needs.



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