Employees Tuning Out Your Heat-Related Illness Education?  Make it Fun!

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Heat Related Injuries, Injury Case Management

Are you looking to get a head start on heat-related illness education but dreading the blank stares, yawns and drumming fingers of bored employees?  Change it up this year!  Ditch the charts.  Toss the presentations and find a way to get them engaged!

Let’s face it, most people enjoy playing games (yes…even adults), especially when it involves a little friendly competition!

So how can this type of training be used for a heat-related illness, you ask?  Why not try a little Jeopardy!

How It Works

Simply add:

  • Heat-Related Categories
  • Questions
  • Answers

Once you have your game set up, schedule your next training, divide the group into teams and let the education battle begin!

Unsure What Information to Include?

If you are unsure where to get started with categories, questions, and answers, we’ve got you covered.  Take a look at some of the examples below.

 Category:  Heat Stress Causes

$100:  How does the body gets rid of heat?

ANSWER:  Sweating

$200:  What happens to the body’s blood vessels when the body is stressed by heat?

ANSWER:  Dilate/expand

$300:  Name 3 environmental conditions that make it very hot for a worker.

ANSWER:  High air temperature, High humidity, No wind – no air movement

Category:  Risk Factors

$100:  What kind of clothing will make heat stress worse?

ANSWER:  Clothing that does not breath

$200:  What kind of personal conditioning may make you more at risk for a heat illness.

ANSWER:  Out of shape, Overweight or Lack of sleep

$300:  What kind of diet would put a worker at risk for heat illness in hot weather?

ANSWER:  Low-sodium (salt) diet

Category:  Heat Illness

$100:  Where on the body would you find a heat rash?

ANSWER:  Skin folds, Belt line

$200:  What is the most dangerous consequence of heat syncope (fainting)?

ANSWER:  Injury from falling

$300:  Heat cramps are the result of the loss of what electrolyte (body mineral)?

ANSWER:  Salt (sodium)

Category:  Prevention

$100:  What should a worker wear when it is very hot?

ANSWER:  Light, loose clothing that breathes and a hat

$200:  What two common beverages should a worker avoid when very hot?

ANSWER:  Alcohol, energy drinks, caffeine, or high sugar drinks

$300:  How can you know that the amount of water you are drinking is not enough besides being thirsty?

ANSWER:  Urine may be very dark

Start the Heat-Related Illness Season Strong

Whether you are in need of Axiom Heat-Related Illness Cards or need hard hat stickers/posters, Axiom’s 24/7 Incident Case Management stands ready to help you through any heat-related illness/injury you or your employees may face.


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