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Your quick & easy mobile device-based self-service health screening solution.

The Axiom Medical app is a comprehensive medical self-service attestation solution for employers seeking a safe, resilient, and healthy work environment for employees. Employee injury, contagious illness, and complex medical and behavioral health needs are easily identified and medically addressed anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 access to medical professional case management overseeing everything from initial screening to return to work.

Employees can download the app and start using it with their company-assigned ID. Employers track the health of their workforce with real-time reporting and API integrations.

Secure, Private, & Trusted

With the Axiom Medical app, employees have easy and secure 24/7 access to Axiom’s health technology. Employers have ease of management with real-time reporting, data security and privacy protection, and seamless integration with your existing services and workflows.

Axiom Medical App Products

Axiom Medical Behavior + Mental Health


Keep the small things small and minimize the risk of mental health crisis after an injury or incident with routine, in-app health assessments, early detection, and immediate intervention first aid.

Easy to Use

Always available, easily accessible app-based health technology with easy-to-follow mood icons for behavioral health screening. 24/7 nationwide access to licensed medical professionals.


Tempo Live utilizes best-practice, proven frameworks for data security, privacy protection, and compliance-seamlessly integrating with existing services and workflows

Certified Medical Experts at Every Step

Axiom Medical’s healthcare staff are certified medical professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses), specially trained and certified to manage workplace injury cases effectively. They will communicate with your employees about their injury or illness and deliver the appropriate treatment recommendations. Our staff is nationwide and available 24/7 to provide support and answer questions. Call us today! (877) 502-9466 | (281) 419-7063

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