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Who Are We?

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The only company that does physical + mental health assessments. We provide a full support system to help keep workplaces safe and workers healthy.

  • Complete occupational health services for the total life cycle of employees
  • 24/7 access to OSHA and mental health trained licensed medical professionals
  • Minimized production lost time and healthcare spending
  • Single-point access reporting and status updates with Axiom Client Portal

What Do We Do?

Success depends on your ability to provide the employee with the Right Care.

Right Treatment, Right Time, Right Outcome!

Here’s how we help you get that done.

Injury Case Management

Axiom Medical App

Contagious Illness Case Management

Occupational Health Management

Employee Absence Management

Our Process Is Simple

Caller reports to a Nurse Case Manager.

Mental + physical assessments with medical history review.

Next steps established.

Incident & case status reporting.

Follow-up and recovery management.

How It Works

Step 1: Information

Initial contact made by calling Axiom Medical or submitting a case via the Axiom Medical App or Axiom Client Portal.

Step 3: Reporting

Detailed incident reporting submitted to company.


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Our end-to-end solution helps you keep your workforce safe while minimizing OSHA recordable outcomes.

Step 2: Assessment

Perform dual physical + mental health assessments with medical history review.  Appropriate first aid recommendations provided. 

Step 4: Management

Follow up to assess status. Continued management through recovery process for positive outcome.

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What Sets Us Apart?

The Axiom Client Portal lets you track everything. Get real-time updates, case notes, and records. Plus, use the Axiom Medical App to submit new cases, access health screenings, submit vaccinations, and check test results, all from your phone.

Insurance Model

Inexpensive nurse triage linked directly to insurance

  • Increased claims costs
  • Higher experience modifiers (year over year increases in insurance fees)
  • Higher clinic visits lead to increased recordable outcomes and costs

Clinic Model

Integrated (inexpensive) injury triage with brick-and-mortar clinics

  • Leads to poor outcomes
  • Higher diagnostic costs
  • Higher clinic fees
  • More OSHA recordables
  • Increased insurance costs
  • Higher experience modifiers

Internal Model

In-house medical management

  • Ask employee’s medical history or-
  • Make decisions without medical history
  • Less scalable
  • Data driven
  • Major privacy concerns

Axiom Medical

Third party, neutral provider

  • High-quality & cost-effective care
  • Individual proactive intervention
  • Population analytics and risk scores
  • Immediate and long-term investment
  • Scalable high-tech solution

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What You Get

Say goodbye to over-treatment and unnecessary paperwork! Our workers are trained and licensed in OSHA, workers’ compensation, and mental health. We focus on the whole person for a better and quicker recovery. Plus, you can get real-time data and reports on the Axiom Client Portal.

Existing Solutions

High OSHA Recordable Numbers
Icon High OSHA Recordable Numbers

High TRIR can lead to reduced contract opportunities, OSHA fines, and PR nightmares.

Increasing Healthcare Costs
Icon Increasing Healthcare Costs

Average clinic & hospital cost is $500-$1000 per visit not including tests or diagnostics.

Turnover Cost
Icon Turnover Cost

Average turnover cost to replace an employee is $5,733.

Declining Productivity
Icon Declining Productivity

U.S. productivity numbers declining while unit costs increase.

Reduced Morale
Icon Reduced Morale

Reduced morale can result in reduced company earnings.

Axiom's Solutions

Individual Proactive Intervention
Icon Individual Proactive Intervention

Our Nurse Case Managers have kept over 70% of total cases at the first aid level through quality injury management processes.

Scalable & Sustainable
Icon Scalable & Sustainable

Axiom's high-tech solutions help employers meet population needs with real-time data and case submission via the Axiom Client Portal and app.

Population Analytics & Risk Scores
Icon Population Analytics & Risk Scores

Population data insights for improvement opportunities through early reporting. Improving productivity numbers, medical, and emotional outcomes.

Third Party Provider
Icon Third Party Provider

We understand population health and protecting employee data and privacy.

Icon ROI

Immediate and long-term investment to help improve employee productivity, reduce clinic fees, and better OSHA recordable outcomes.

Our Fully Integrated Solution

The Axiom Client Portal ensures you remain “in the know” anywhere, anytime! Real-time updates, case notes, record sorting, and the Axiom App for reporting new cases, accessing health screenings, submitting vaccinations, and reviewing test results – all at your fingertips.

The Axiom Medical App

A first of its kind technology for on-the-go workforces looking to protect the health of their workplace.

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